Friday, August 2, 2013

Rabbit Talking

This is my talking from my story here's the link to make a 
 and this is all my writing 
Its a cold foggy night and the rabbits are all going home when BAM!!! two rabbits run into each other then one rabbit says “Hey, there's a snake,”
“NO, it’s a branch,” said Rabbit no.2.
“NO, it’s a snake,” said Rabbit no.1.
“No, I’ll show you it’s a branch,” said Rabbit no.2.
“Okay but be careful,” says Rabbit no.1. Rabbit no.1 grabs his camera.
“When you touch the snake say cheese,”  
“Its not a snake,”said Rabbit no.2.
“We will find out soon,” says Rabbit no.1.
Rabbit no.2 touches the branch\snake. “See its not a snake’” says Rabbit no.2.
Rabbit no.1 faints with fear. Rabbit no.2 turns around “sna sna sna SNAKE!!!!” Rabbit no.1. get’s up and yells “RUN!!!” they both run back to their burrows.


  1. Wow that would be scary for the rabbits.
    Well done keep it up Henry I like the part were they got scared.

  2. Awesome Henry, the rabbits must of lost there hair from the terror.
    Keep up the good work. :-)