Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rowing in the olympics


My coach bets me that I can't beat the world record. I jump into the boat the green light flashes. I stick my paddle in the water. I’m feeling nervous. We haven’t got a really good start.  We’re in Third place but we’re catching up to Poland, were tying with them then bam. We’re beating them. The French are next to beat. I’m feeling unlucky but hey I always feel unlucky. Then we're getting closer to France then bang we are a meter away from France. 50 cm! 1 cm! We’re beating France. Then we're really close to the halfway mark. We have to stay in first the whole way. We have just past halfway. I'm starting to sweat. Ow the ache hits me. It hurts in my elbow.

I'm paddling hard out. I can feel the burn on my shoulder I feel like stopping but I’m just not allowed. We’re three meters to the 1500 meter mark I can't  wait till we finish. Over the loudspeaker they said Henry Roil and Hamish Bond are coming to the finish line. We have crossed the finish. We have just beat the world record. NEK minute all the other boats go past the finish line. I jump onto land my coach comes running to congratulate me. “What do I get remember?”. “Well I suppose you could get subway” he said.  

Monday, July 23, 2012


My Robot

This is my robot. the rowleys (that our literacy group) had to draw a robot because we had to use technical words like hydrochloric xdf 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mad Morning

Henry fell off his bed when his alarm clock went beep beep beep!!!. Henry get off the ground. Henry starts making his bed. Then he opens his curtains. Boom!!! the sunlight blinds me. Henry get off the ground. Then bang Henry hits the floor. His sister has pranked him. Then Henry runs  into her room. He  jumps
on her bed she is so furious. Henry goes and gets his clothes on.

He runs to get dad to make his breakfast. She finished her breakfast at the same time as him. Then it's a race to the bathroom .Shes in front ow. Henry's tackled Georgia over so
he could be in the lead. Henry gets disqualified. Georgia starts  punching him because shes really mad with Henry. Georgia says “look there's a new player its our Dad.” Dad jumps over Henry and Georgia. He closes the door behind himself. Henry and Georgia bang on the door to try and get in. Georgia runs in. “How gross” she said. She ran out of the bathroom with her nose blocked. Then after that it was a race to the front seat. Vroom vroom. Mums reffing the car up. I race grab my lunch box. I throw it into my bag. I pick it up. I jump into  the front seat. I thought to myself where are my shoes. I jump out of the car grab my shoes. Noooooo
my set has been taken.