Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Camping In The Outdoors

This is my imagine writing here's the picture I had to write about
and the link to find other picture

Why am I there: I am on holiday
What am I doing: I’m freaking out
How are you feeling: shocked scared amazed wet
what am I doing next: changing my pants and going toilet

“Boom!!! Ahh!!! Woops” I say getting a towel to wipe up the green mess on the floor. “Phew it was only lightning.” Boom!!! “AHHH!!! Thunder! That was awesome,” I tell my room mate. “I’m just getting some new pants,” I say.
“Thats your fifth time today,” he said.
“Well its scary round here,” I say. I put the pants on. Boom!!! AAHHH!!! Not again, I get the last clean pants and hope that it won’t happen again. Boom! Didn’t get me lightning BOOOMM!!! Looks like I’m going pantless, so I went to bed before anybody could see me.                                                                                                  
I woke up at midnight and had a chocolate eclair they were so delicious. I hop back into bed and go to sleep then at 6:00am we get a wake up call from a pukeko I get up and have a box of cold pizza I go check if my pants are dry they are yes!!! I put them on then go for a walk Then I sit down by a lake watching the crocodiles creeping up on me WHAT CROCODILES I turn around theres more what should I do AAHHH.........

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3D shapes

Name: Hexagonal prism
Faces: 8
Corners: 12
Edges: 18

My buddy's
Name: Octagonal Pyramid      
Corners: 9
Edges: 16
Faces: 9

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rock Climbing at Karamu


2D Shapes

This is my 2D shape Presentation We are learning about 2D shapes so Mr M said make a Presentation about it. This is my one.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Signs of Change

This is the volcano Teva and I made for our book signs of change its a weather book Teva and I had to make and do things for the book Teva did a pukeko and he did the more pork shrill with me then we made a volcano because when the smoke drifts left there is a storm coming.
Hannah and Hemani were reading the first pages then Josh and lily was reading the second page. Teva and I did the third page but we had to make action up and make stuff we didn't have to read though. Crighton and Inderpreet read the fourth page.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Angry Verbs

This is my angry verb we made with room 5. We got the Idea from our pen pals.