Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Letter To Ken Catran

This is my letter to ken Catran

Parkvale School
Howard St
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

Dear  Ken Catran

Parkvale room 16 has been reading your wonderful story but it did creep me out at times like at the end where they get stuck in the school closet and the school was on fire. But at the same time it was sad like at the start where Harry died and the end where Harry the ghost just disappeared.

My favourite character  was Elias Milton because he was always scaring people and making the story scarier. I also like Sam because he made the story interesting.

My favourite parts of the story were when Sam ate the poisoned sandwich or when the killers revealed their self and started a fire then when the teacher went running down the field and fell over and spilt all of her money. I liked them because they were funny and scary and Ken Catran dragged the story out longer so we really wanted to read it.

Room 16 would like to thank you for writing Dead Harry. We all enjoyed it and after every chapter we would talk to our learning buddies about what we like about it and what we think will happen next.

Sincerely Henry Roil Parkvale School.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Henry that is a great letter, Ken Catran must of loved that letter.
    My favourite part was when they were locked in the closet to!
    Keep up the good work Henry. :-]