Saturday, August 31, 2013

Graphs for maths

In room 16 we have been doing  basic facts tests. Mr M said we could make a chart about our  maths scores so we did. He sent us a video how to do class we have been doing tests then after we get our mark out of 25. Then we go to the mat and get everybody's score on a stem and leaf graph. We had to figure out the percentages of our score so if I got 23 out of 25 you would times 23 4 times because 25 goes in to 100 4 times. My highest score was 25 out of 25 on day 8 I think I got 25 out of 25 because the question were easy to guess. My lowest score was 15 I think I got because the question were harder.
day      score           %  
1           21              84
2           24              96
3           23              92
4           24              96
5           18              72
6           24              96
7           24              96
8           25              100
9           22              88
10         15              60

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Letter To Ken Catran

This is my letter to ken Catran

Parkvale School
Howard St
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

Dear  Ken Catran

Parkvale room 16 has been reading your wonderful story but it did creep me out at times like at the end where they get stuck in the school closet and the school was on fire. But at the same time it was sad like at the start where Harry died and the end where Harry the ghost just disappeared.

My favourite character  was Elias Milton because he was always scaring people and making the story scarier. I also like Sam because he made the story interesting.

My favourite parts of the story were when Sam ate the poisoned sandwich or when the killers revealed their self and started a fire then when the teacher went running down the field and fell over and spilt all of her money. I liked them because they were funny and scary and Ken Catran dragged the story out longer so we really wanted to read it.

Room 16 would like to thank you for writing Dead Harry. We all enjoyed it and after every chapter we would talk to our learning buddies about what we like about it and what we think will happen next.

Sincerely Henry Roil Parkvale School.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am a wakeboard

This is my poem that I made using fotobabble. I hope you like it.
I am a wakeboard
I am a wakeboard  
I am able to swim
I am happy when you ride me
I am sad when you put me away for winter
I wish I could fly

I would like to tell my owner that I can run.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Inanga Report

The fish that nobody has barely heard of, the inanga.
Inanga are a fish that swims around without a care in the world but today they will care because someone is interested in them. So if you read this the inanga will care so please READ THIS!!!
Slimy, Tiny, with HEAPS  of energy. The inanga is silver on the stomach and has brown spots on the outside. They are about 2.5CM. They have gills. They have three fins.
They live in slow moving, lowland open rivers, streams and lakes across New Zealand. They are very bad climbers, and can not climb up waterfalls or up steep gradients in the water.


Anything that can fit in their mouths and they rip meat of dead animals that people have through into the water.
At my house I have a creek round the back so I take my friend fishing there. Its easy to catch them so we normally catch about 20-30. Once you have caught them they're fun to watch.
If you put weed in the tank or wherever the inanga is it helps them live longer.
Smart, always alert, hide in the weed.
People, eels, bigger fish, nets, dogs, sheep, cats,
Types in N.Z.
Giant  kokopu, Koaro, short jawed kokopu, banded kokopu, Inanga.
Now you know that there is another fish swimming round in your waterways.
From Henry

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rabbit Talking

This is my talking from my story here's the link to make a 
 and this is all my writing 
Its a cold foggy night and the rabbits are all going home when BAM!!! two rabbits run into each other then one rabbit says “Hey, there's a snake,”
“NO, it’s a branch,” said Rabbit no.2.
“NO, it’s a snake,” said Rabbit no.1.
“No, I’ll show you it’s a branch,” said Rabbit no.2.
“Okay but be careful,” says Rabbit no.1. Rabbit no.1 grabs his camera.
“When you touch the snake say cheese,”  
“Its not a snake,”said Rabbit no.2.
“We will find out soon,” says Rabbit no.1.
Rabbit no.2 touches the branch\snake. “See its not a snake’” says Rabbit no.2.
Rabbit no.1 faints with fear. Rabbit no.2 turns around “sna sna sna SNAKE!!!!” Rabbit no.1. get’s up and yells “RUN!!!” they both run back to their burrows.