Friday, November 30, 2012

Kid's For Kid's

Tonight is the kid's for kid's show it is at the opera house on the 30/11/2012.
Today from 9:30 till just before lunch we where practising the song's for tonight
my favourite song is the puppet on a string.
I was felling really hot underneath those light's
I am really excited.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A life of a cricket ball

The Life Of A Cricket Ball.

Were about to start the game. The spectacular cricket player’s are running onto the field.I’m getting scared hopeful I’m not the first one Then I get picked up ow no. I’m the first ball to get used for this game I said in a sad voice. He take’s me onto the field. he spit’s on me gross guy man that feel’s like I just got dunked in the toilet all the toilet water it just so revolting.
He’s going for a spinner ow that was a close one. I’m so lucky. The wicket keeper throws me back. He goes for another one he, he smash’s it Bang OUCH!!! man that sting’s. I can’t believe I can fly flyin so high. Wow I’m on the big screen donk!!!Now That hurt. nnnnnnnnooooooooo my stitching is coming out ewww where am  I ewww I’m in some guy’s pant’s gross

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Biking Reflection

When I bike I feel free the wind blowing in my hair I feel relaxed.
My earliest biking memory was when I got sent down Given Street which was a hill and I went faster and faster until I hit the gutter and crashed!
Before we started cycling I was kind of nervous because I didn’t have the right bike.  I came third in the triathlon so I conned mum into buying me one while she was proud of me.
I need to learn more about how to look behind me while I’m riding my bike.
I noticed Jaedyn because he was turning one handed while he was hand signalling.
I noticed Josh because I could see he was looking behind himself with ease.
I noticed Josh because he was really good at scooting and hoping on.