Monday, October 22, 2012

the best 4 days of the holiday

this is my holiday homework I hope you enjoy it

There’s a hour and a half to go I am waiting.  For on the last 24 hours I have been watching trade me.  I desperately want a quad bike.  I have tried to talk my parents into buying me one for so long and they haven’t had the time to look.  Now I have found the bike that I want and I am ready.  It’s only 20 more minutes until the auction is over.  She won’t click buy now it’s five hundred dollars the buy now price is six hundred dollar she doesn't want to spend another hundred dollars.  I wonder  if I will get it.  I want to zoom around on it and have heaps of fun..  I will be helpful if I get it.  I can get firewood on it and help Mum.

I have told her what a good idea it is but I don’t know if she believes me.  I have been so nice to mum all day.  I even offered to get her a drink.  I took my sister for a bikeride but that didn’t go so well.  She is so annoying.  

I want this bike really, really badly.  So badly I would trade my sister for it.  I would even trade my new hats.  I want it that bad.  I wouldn’t trade mum though because I would probably starve to death.  I hope I get it....

Fiona: Henry, you are such a dreamer!!!  There is no way I would fall for that line!!!  I am pleased this is in writing because if we do get this bike, I will always have proof that you will do jobs for me!!!!  I think it is  a great idea not to trade me as you would probably get pretty hungry if I wasn’t here.  I can’t believe you would swap your sister though!  How terrible!

Georgia:  I think you were the annoying one.  Have fun on it Henry. Do not crash
on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am warning you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sorry I nearly crashed you.

Dad - Thanks Henry for offering to do all those jobs because I will take you up on that.  Just remember that if you don’t want to crash into something - don’t look at it!  Hope you have fun and be careful.

henry: Any way I got the motorbike it is a warrior 110cc

Mum - we have had the moter bike for 24 hours and guess what?  I had to get the wood myself tonight !!!!  Who would have thought?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

henry: On Sunday Josh Beau Ben Olivia and there parents came to our house. We had a awesome time on the motorbike till it broke down then they started leaving then it is time for Georgia and I to go to bed. the next morning I wake up. I'm drawing In my art book then Georgia Mum and Dad walk in. Mum and Georgia start cooking breakfast there is two humongous eggs I have one It is a double yolker it is when there two yolks In one egg. It was delicious.  

Then we took my bike into the shop because it wasn’t going and the man said we can fix it because it is the copy of the honda motor he will make it easier to turn it on to. then since we had the trailer we got all the scrap steel and took it to the the place where they buy It off you.  When we had finished that we went home and did the fort. Now we only have to do the window the inside walls carpets and the curtains.  

My Mom signed me up for tennis camp these holidays I learned how to forehand, backhand, volley, serve and   score.  At lunch we had a massive water fight we got really wet then when we were running around and samuel broke two bones in his lower arm.

Fiona:  Poor Samuel.

Thank you  Henry,for all the help this weekend.You are amazing

Henry,stop writing were my name is.............

Fiona: What an amazing holiday you have had.  Tennis camp was pretty awesome and you learnt so much when you were there.  Good luck for the tennis tournament next week.  I love the hut that you and your friends and father have built.  I think it looks amazing with the stag on the front of it.  You should take a photo of ot and show it to Miss Garland.  Her boyfriend is a hunter.  He probably stays in huts like this when he is trapping possums.  Why don’t you ask her?  She might even have some ideas on things you can add to it.
Your writing has improved too.  You are such a good writer when you write.  I wish you would do it more often.  I love to read your writing.  Good luck for term four.  You have done so well this year.  I am very proud of you.

Georgia: I can’t wait until it comes back tomorrow.  Are you excited henry?    

Henry: Yes Georgia I am excited. On Sunday afternoon we went to   Grunter’s new house. We were catching bees when dad said it is time to go to nana’s house.   They were looking after my cousin’s dog Olley. We got chips and juice and then I went and got the egg’s. There were eleven eggs.  We drove home and said to mum that Grunter asked us if we wanted to go. Mum said yes so we went .  

When we got there, Mason and his dad were there.  We were playing cops and robbers and then it got a bit boring so we started playing a game where you pull the tractor around with somebody on it.  We got the strops out of Andrews ute and we tied them to the front of the tractor.  When everybody had had a turn we put the surfboard on the back and surfed!

When we came home we went next door to Greg and Ginnys.  We gave them an invitation and then we looked at all the things Greg had killed.  He had a water buffalo, a bear, a zebra, a deer (about 8 different sorts), a chammy, a tarh, a sheep and a pheasant.  He also had a zebra skin.  Greg has just been to South Africa and shot 10 other animals and they are coming home soon.  He got a springbok and a warthog.  These will be whole bodies stuffed.  He keeps them all in his TV room.  Ginny says the animals are a bit disturbing but she has to deal with it! I thought it was pretty awesome.  I would love to have a room like that.  The animals eyes would be spectacular if they glowed red.  I think it would be really cool if I had all those animals still alive in my paddock.  

We also looked at Gregs train.  It is his barbe que on a train!  I wonder if it goes!  It would be pretty cool if it went.  you could cook the food and then drive it to the people!  You would need a pretty long train track.

We came home and had tea.  I had to finish this story and mum got mad because I still had a whole page to write and I am supposed to be in bed.  She should know if I had been organised and done my  homework I wouldn’t have been able to write about Gregs house.  It was so flash and huge there.  My favourite stuffed animal was the water buffalo.  It had massive horns and it was on the wall.  It was just the head.  I hope it doesn’t fall off the wall.  I don’t think I will sit in the chair under it just incase!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

100 word writing

Suddenly the temperature dropped. I was in Hastings. It was Christmas eve about midnight. Ka boom!!! “What was that?” I said. I jumped out of my bed I tip toed to the door looking both ways. I ran back to my bed. Look,  it’s  Tom! He went back to his bed. I scuttled to the living room. I gasped with excitement!  “Are you Santa Claus?”
“Yes,” the man said. I looked out the window.  “Wow! What? Where are your reindeer? “They’re out the other window.”
I looked out of the window.  “Tricked you!  they’re over there.”
“Far out!  Thats amazing!”

This is my amazing 100 word writing we got the first four words and had carry the story.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

te reo

Today we had whaea Harata we learned the body parts in Maori her is a picture of it.