Monday, July 8, 2013

Facts about the narwhal


Whales are very interesting animal they are mammals. They live in the water so I have made a document to show you stuff about whales the whale that I’m writing about is a narwhal so read on to find out more.


Here are all the speshes of whales heres their names:
Humpback whale(17 metres)
Common dolphin (2.4 metres)
Grey whale (15 metres)
bowhead whale (18 metres)
Sperm whale (20 Metres)
Killer whale (9 Metres)
Blue whale (30 metres)
Narwhal (6 Metres)
Southern right whales (17 metres)
Spectacled porpoise (2.1 Metres)
Bottlenose dolphin 3.8 metre


What they use their tusk for?
It is actually an extra long tooth. They use it for ice breaking, fighting


What do narwhal eat?
Narwhals create a sort-of vacuum and suck up their food which includes squid, Greenland halibut, shrimp, Arctic cod, rockfish, flounder, and crab. Narwhals only have two vestigial teeth. The male narwhal tusk is thought to play no role in feeding because males and tuskless females consume the same diet.


How long do narwhal live for? How do they die?

Narwhals may live for 30-40 years. The only real animal predator of narwhals are killer whales that journey up to the Arctic regions. Narwhals are hunted by Inuit people for their skin, oil, meat, and tusks.


Where do narwhal live?
Narwhals spend their whole lives in Arctic waters, bordering Russia, North America, and Greenland.


How can I indentfy a narwhal male to female?
Male Narwhal are easy to identify because of there long white tusk. The tusk tend to be covered in algae except for the tip. Adult male and female narwhal are mottled and spotted grey, green, black and cream colour. Narwhal are born grey, darken in colour and then, starting with the belly, whiten with age.


They have one very long tooth or tusk they live in the water there preditor is the killer whale. They are very pretty.


  1. You worked really hard on your research for this report, Henry. I think it is an interesting report because it is written mainly in your own words and has clear sub titles.

    I think it would be great if your report had a labelled diagram that you drew. Narwhal whales are amazing to look at and it would help readers understand your report.

  2. Wow what a lot of information. I wonder how long it would be if you lined up all the whale nose to tail! Nice job Henry.

  3. Great job Henry.
    I never knew that they use their tusk for breaking ice and fighting.
    Well done Henry Keep up the amazing work.