Monday, June 24, 2013


We had to draw a retell of the story and put it into 5 parts this is my one.
Once there were 3 taniwha and one normal girl. Their dad told the taniwha's to fetch some water but from the far springs. So off they set but they stopped at the first spring water. Then they took it back to the  taniwha. He took a sip then spat it out and turned them into rocks.

At first the girl refused to get the water too. Then she got scared. So she went looking for her father. She found him but he was not pleased. He jumped on her and pushed her into the springs. She turned into a taniwha and pushed her dad out but she couldn't get out she pushed and pushed. This made the lake bigger and bigger. Now she lies in the water watching everyone.


  1. "Wow"Henry I love your pictures that you did for the story. It looks really cool Great job keep it up. :-)

  2. What a terrifying legend. Your pictures match it perfectly. I always love your art. Its great to see you working in a different medium.