Wednesday, November 6, 2013


What is Air? Air is magical it keeps us alive and I am here to tell you that air does exists.

Experiment: Does air exists.

Equipment: Container filled with h2o
A Jar
paper towel                           hi

Predict: yes the paper will stay dry because the air is trapped inside.

What happened: the first time it got wet because it went in on a lean. It didn't get wet the second time because it went straight down  the air stayed in and the paper towel stayed dry because the air couldn’t get out so the water couldn’t come in.

Explain: First you get a bucket and fill it so the water is taller than the jar. Then you screw the paper up and shove it in the jar and put it in the water if bubbles come up the air has escaped and the water would have got in.

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  1. Awesome Henry
    you have here are explained what we need and if there are bubbles the air has escaped
    Well done