Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ranfurly shield

On Saturday the Magpies(best team ever/Hawkes Bays team) played Otago and we won 20-19 to us so we won the Ranfurly shield so they had a parade and Matthew Samuel Josh and I went to it. It is really awesome to have it back because the last time we had it was 1968. Here are some photos


  1. Awesome pictures Henry!
    It is pretty awesome to have the ranfurlys shield back,
    keep up the good work Henry!

  2. Those are fantastic photos Henry.
    I wonder what it was like there fun exciting.
    So bye and keep up the awesome blog posts.

  3. Wow Henry cool post on the Ranfurly shield. I loved all the awesome photos. Keep up the good work ;)

  4. Awesome Henry. I liked how you put in when we last had it I didnt even know when we last had it. Great job Henry keep up the good work!

  5. Awesome work Henry I love your ranfurly shield story and photos Keep up the great work :]p