Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Camping In The Outdoors

This is my imagine writing here's the picture I had to write about
and the link to find other picture

Why am I there: I am on holiday
What am I doing: I’m freaking out
How are you feeling: shocked scared amazed wet
what am I doing next: changing my pants and going toilet

“Boom!!! Ahh!!! Woops” I say getting a towel to wipe up the green mess on the floor. “Phew it was only lightning.” Boom!!! “AHHH!!! Thunder! That was awesome,” I tell my room mate. “I’m just getting some new pants,” I say.
“Thats your fifth time today,” he said.
“Well its scary round here,” I say. I put the pants on. Boom!!! AAHHH!!! Not again, I get the last clean pants and hope that it won’t happen again. Boom! Didn’t get me lightning BOOOMM!!! Looks like I’m going pantless, so I went to bed before anybody could see me.                                                                                                  
I woke up at midnight and had a chocolate eclair they were so delicious. I hop back into bed and go to sleep then at 6:00am we get a wake up call from a pukeko I get up and have a box of cold pizza I go check if my pants are dry they are yes!!! I put them on then go for a walk Then I sit down by a lake watching the crocodiles creeping up on me WHAT CROCODILES I turn around theres more what should I do AAHHH.........


  1. cool story Henry

  2. Wow Henry you must of put in a lot of effort into this. I love how you put on caps lock and saying AAAAAHHHH and CROCODILE that was sweet love it. Keep up the good writing Henry.