Thursday, May 24, 2012


WALT: Provide clear instructions.

Aim: We want to find out what ingredients remain at the bottom after evaporation.

Hypothesis: I think...that the sugars,caffine and acid will stay at the bottom. I think the colour will stay the the same, but the water inside the little container will just be clear water.

Variables: Things we need to control are make thing fair by puting the same amount in each one. put them all in the sun .put the same amount of weight on each one.

Equipment: You will need... is

  • Ice cream container
  • A bowl
  • Glad wrap
  • something heavy
  • tape

1) Place the ice cream container on the ground.
2) Slowly pour the liquid into the container .
3)  Place the littler container into the ice cream container.
4) Tightly pull over the container the glad wrap.
5)Wrap tape to hold the glad wrap onto the ice cream container.
6) Put some weight on top of the glad wrap in the middle.
7 then put it outside in the sun and wait it takes a wail.



Observationa few drops of water.

My guess was right because I thought it would stay the same.

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